Know About Landing Page Vs Website

Landing Page Vs Website

Landing Page Vs Website, which is better? Why there is confusion when talking about a landing page or a website? Do you think they are the same? 


Wrong answer! 

Technically basic difference between a landing page and a website is, you develop the two with entirely different goals in mind.

  1. A website is a dais set for your business.
  2. A landing page permits visitors to achieve a precise plan.

Getting a clear picture about the landing page vs website? However one knows the website is the entire online initial impression, whereas the landing page is just a part of that! You know now.

What’s a website?

A website may be a hodgepodge of various landing pages and sections. It should be a place where you got your company’s logo, hyperlinks to social media pages, easy navigations to the rest of your site, basically assisting your users to notice what they’re searching for. When a visitor looks at your website they should know what your company does also feel driven to undertake within the site for more clear information. Create your ‘Home’ page perfectly as it’s going to stay as a face for your organization’s uprise.

Keep your website easily accessible with all helpful pages, like information about your firm, blogs, good content, videos, the contact page, social media links, etc. Let the visitor know how to connect with you easily in different ways.

Remember, before the visitor’s enthusiasm fades, make them dial your number because anything less is a wasted stop by. A website should only be an open doorway for bringing you new business.

What is a Landing Page?

Let’s hop in and discuss what’s this so-called LANDING PAGE!

A landing page is created to grab the greeting traffic from one single click on an ad inside a mail or Google. The goal should be in accomplishing one task, sign up for a business, register with the company and schedule a call, request a quotation for free.


No funnels; Only focus

Do not say or do too much; distracting a visitor is losing a visitor from a primary goal. Like an Indorapter responding to the laser light, keep the navigations perfect. We say it “CALL TO ACTION”! 

Overall, the goal of landing pages is to reduce distractions that might take users away, and supply them with all the knowledge they have to require action.

A landing page might even be a complete website on its own with completely different sections all resulting in one clear decision to action.

Why Landing Page; We can explain!

A shout out to the humans around the world your business exists! Instagram users don’t go to Insta to look at your business ads, so to connect with them, make them click the damn button. This is the best nudge to sign them up. Offer some special reward, a time discount, giveaways, or a limited freebie. Technically, do you know when you use a landing page especially planned for any social campaign, you can track your success much more easily? The best choice for PPC campaigns!

A principal logic making a landing page way more essential is whatever you’re broadcasting, a landing page is the best choice. Also when you launch a new product, go live for any event, a big sale promoting, send the folks to the landing page and it bespoke.

Why Website?

A website or homepage is created to show you the listing of new business ideas, opt-in opportunities, more about the organization. It has some static buttons like phone numbers, important ads appearing when you scroll, links to social media pages and landing pages.

Your website does not need all individuals to complete an action, but it should let them perform any action. After all, visitors, while they may not want or need to fill out a form, so they should click the damn button at the end! Make them see your contact number or email id. This will push the visitors to know where to find you.

One of the most important variations between a website and a landing page is the ability to fully customize a visitor’s expertise from the ad to click-through, to conversion. Therefore you’ll be able to make the visitor drive down, to get the final picture element.

The best example we can show you is our own website. As you know, we have an interesting page!

Have a look at how we serve and who we serve. 

It all relies on what you’re endeavoring to gain. 

Happy Selling!

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