Colours that are Proven to Boost Sales: Psychology In Marketing

Imagine how it would feel like if the whole world was black and white? It would feel gloomy, boring, and sad, wouldn’t it? If you have ever seen those old black and white TVs, you would know how boring it is to see things in black and white. Colours make everything 100x more attractive. 

Colours play an important role in our perception of things; different colours evoke different emotions. That is why colours also play a tremendous role in marketing campaigns. It is necessary for you to know about colour psychology in order to apply it to your businesses and boost your sales. Yes, you heard correctly, just the knowledge of how colours affect human behaviour and emotions can increase your sales. (Of course, just knowing about it won’t increase sales, you will have to apply it to your marketing campaigns!)

In this blog, you will read about various colours, emotions they evoke as well as how you can use them in your Business!


The red colour evokes a strong sense of urgency and importance. It grabs attention quickly and holds it for a longer duration as compared to other colours. 

The ‘Subscribe’ button in YouTube is red, all banners depicting sales or discounts are made red, and many websites have a red ‘buy now’ button. All because it stimulates fast action. 

The red colour is also associated with increased appetite, which is why lots of restaurants have red walls and food menus. Zomato, a food delivery company, uses a red theme; Domino’s, one of the biggest pizza companies, has used red in its logo. Many other companies like Coca Cola, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc have red in their logos. 

Where can you use red? Red is a CTA colour, so you can use it in places that require impulse action like the ‘buy now’/’subscribe’ button. Though keep in my mind that red is a strong colour so don’t overdo it, use it sparingly. 


Blue is associated with calm, peace and trust. It’s one of the most used colours in digital marketing, the reason being it makes people trust your brand and feel secure about it. 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, HP, Dell, Intell, Ford, Samsung, Phillips, PayPal, Paytm, etc are some of the list of brands with blue logos and the list could go on forever. Blue is widely used because it reduces anxiety, makes people calm and generates trust. 

Where can you use blue? Use it in places where you need to show reliability and seriousness. 


Green is the colour of nature. It generates emotions like healing, growth, relaxation. Overall this is the colour to use when you want to project something as environment friendly or healing or generally positive in nature! 

The green colour is used by brands like Animal Planet, Tropicana, Starbucks, and even Spotify. Spotify is not related to the environment but uses green colour to evoke positive and relaxing vibes. This shows that even if your brand is not directly related to the environment, you can still use green. 

Where can you use it? Green depicts a sense of freedom and permission rather than urgency, making it a subtle colour for CTA. That is because some people like it when the buy sign is symbolising their freedom to do it rather than an urgency represented by red. You can try and test if it works for you!


Purple colour is associated with royalty, power and creativity. Back in time, purple clothes were limited to royal households and laypeople weren’t allowed to wear purple clothes, making it the colour of royalty.

Brands like Cadbury, Roku, Apogee, BenQ have purple in their logos. Purple colour makes your brand stand out with its unique vibrancy. 

Where can you use purple? You may use purple where you want to give a look of elegance and royalty. 


Black is a powerful colour to represent authority, intelligence and luxury. Though, most of the brands prefer to keep their site white themed with some other colours. However, black is a very versatile colour and can be used to express different kinds of emotions based on how you use it. 

Some of the big brands that use black colours are high-end brands like Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Don Q, Apple, etc. 

How can you use it? If your brand isn’t luxurious or expensive, you should use black sparingly, just to create contrast and make things stand out.


Orange colour grabs attention and evokes energy, and is considered cool. It also gives a positive feeling. Orange stands out as compared to other colours and is well visible in lots of different background colours. Sometimes it is used instead of red where brands want to grab attention as they don’t want it to look forceful or fiery. 

Brands like Blogger, Headspace, JBL, Penguin & many more have been using orange to grab attention.

Where can you use orange? You can use it for CTA buttons or as a highlight against a dark background.

How can NautOne help you?

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