How To Use Instagram Story Highlights To Get Leads And Engage Customers

Since its debut in October 2010, Instagram, a picture and video sharing social networking application has skyrocketed to 1 billion active members, making it one of the top six social networks in the world. What about the scale? Almost a quarter of the world’s active internet users will use the app EVERY MONTH!

Herein let’s delve into one particular feature of Instagram called the Instagram Story Highlights, and try to understand how it works and how it can help generate leads and help with engagement.

Instagram story Highlights:  

Consider an audience who visits your profile and misses out on some of your finest stories due to the 24-hour restrictions, making it a nightmare for influencers and followers. And this is where the story highlights feature comes to rescue. They are prominently displayed on your profile, acting as excellent indications to show users what your brand is all about. Unlike Instagram Stories, they can remain on your profile indefinitely.

This is why one should spend some time thinking about how they might use them to showcase and elevate their work, business and much more.

How to use Instagram story highlights?

To, simply follow these steps:

  • To view the current story, tap on it.
  • Select the lowest option. Highlight
  • Tap the + sign to add a new Highlight
  • Press and choose the articles you wish to see in the Highlight in the new window, then tap Next.
  • Tap ‘Edit Cover‘ to select which article will be shown as a Highlight icon, or just submit an icon.
  • Give your Highlight a name.
  • Tap Add or Done.

Strategies for highlights to generate leads and enhancing customers 

Determine Your customer base

It is natural to want to promote all of one’s products or abilities in one space, yet this can occasionally fall short of expectations. As a result, it is vital for everyone on Instagram to establish the sort of audience they want to attract and to develop material based on their costumes.

Use Instagram lead ads

The first and most apparent technique to increase Instagram leads is to employ lead advertisements. They are intended to assist companies in gathering client information such as email addresses, phone numbers, birth-dates, and work titles. These advertisements may assist organisations in learning more about their customers, improving direct marketing strategies, and more. You’ll need an Instagram business account to produce Instagram lead advertisements. This implies that you will also require a Facebook Page.

On Instagram Stories, use the “Swipe Up” function

If one’s account has more followers, they should make use of this tool. Stories are more successful than bio links since all it takes is a swipe to act on an impulse. Remember, don’t make someone regret their decision. A solid landing page is essential too.

Use interactive polls to engage customers

Communication is a necessary tool in any situation. And, when it comes to Instagram, one should constantly maintain in touch with their consumers, followers, and admirers. This is where interactive polls come in helpful; he or she may have a quiz, recommendation, or questionnaire polls in their tales and stay up to speed on what people want and make sure they deliver it.

Emphasize your customer testimonials

Anyone who sees a new product profile expects to check for the testimony highlights, and those highlights function as your salvation by projecting a positive impression of your brand. As a result, make certain that the testimonials are always emphasized and updated on your stories page.

Collab with an Instagram Influencer

Collaborate for a project with someone who is well-known in the field you’re highlighting on your account. You may give them management of your account so they may promote your items. These kinds of collaborations may also bring influencers’ followers to your account and help you advertise your brand. 

Discounts and giveaways

Discounts or giveaways is one of the most efficient strategies to increase sales on Instagram and entice followers to connect with your content. It raises brand awareness and has the ability to improve sales, create leads, and drive visitors to your website. It’s a good idea to create an Instagram Story Highlight dedicated to showcasing current sales, discounts, and promotions. They naturally attract prospects, prompting them to interact with the material on your Story, and then encouraging them to purchase your goods or service.

Story Highlights to highlight you 

Instagram, as we all know, provides numerous services and are expanding alongside it. We hope this post gave you some ideas for using Instagram Story Highlights to bring a whole new level to how your company interacts with Instagram followers. When utilized successfully, you may become a personality by enticing others with your products and capabilities. And at this point, Instagram provides a variety of choices for displaying oneself by promoting one’s products and capabilities.

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