How To Sell Your Products using Limeroad Seller?

Limeroad is one of the biggest online fashion stores in India. It follows the B2C marketplace model wherein it connects buyers with over 20K registered sellers. Limeroad is also preferred as it eases the process of making and receiving the payments for both buyers and sellers.

The company is famous among women as it is the major line. However, they also have a good collection in the kids and men’s garments section.

The company also encourages sales of Handloom products. As of available figures for 2018, the company had a turnover of 160.2 crores. If you deal in manufacturing/selling garments, and fabrics then Limeroad is one of the top marketplaces to sell on.

In this article, we look to explain the whole procedure from setting up your account on Limeroad to uploading your products there.

Setting up a seller account

To become a seller on Limeroad, one must first create an account on the platform which is free of cost. You can create your account either on the web or download the application. We recommend downloading the application for a better experience.

For registering on the platform, you will need the following documents:

  • GSTIN number
  • Cancelled cheque
  • Address proof
  • Pan card
  • Digital signature with company stamp
  • Trademark certificate
  • Authorisation letter

Once all necessary documents and information has been filed, the verification team will process the application. Then the account will be ready to use in an average of 6 hours.

It does happen that sometimes one cannot find the seller registration option on the application. In that case, the person can email their business details with the above-mentioned documents to for the registration process.

Once you are done with the registration procedure, customize your storefront according to your brand. Set up a profile picture, banner, brand name, description, etc.

Margin structure

Limeroad offers two types of margin structures to choose from:

The first model is of a minimum 30% margin on Net Sale Proceeds (NSP). In this model, Limeroad will endure the Cash on Delivery (COD) charges, whereas all the other expenses like shoot expenses, courier charges, GST, etc. are to be taken care of by the seller.

The other model is of a minimum 25% margin on NSP. In this model, all the expenses including that of the COD charges are to be borne by the seller only.

They will be attaching a sheet with margin details for reference purposes. Make sure to go through it very carefully before making your decision.

Start selling

Once you personalise your seller account, you need to upload your products and wait for them to be discovered by the buyers.

One can upload as many products they want as long as they are genuine and fall under the category of things that could be sold on a Limeroad. Up to seven pictures per product, along with the size and colour variants, can be uploaded.

It is recommended that one uploads high-quality pictures of their products and writes accurate descriptions and, waits until buyers stumble upon the products.

One thing that you can do meanwhile is, promoting your Limeroad products on social media with your potential customers.

Limeroad seller panel

Some important features of Limeroad seller panel are:

  • Manage catalogue: this feature allows you to see all the products that you have uploaded on limeroad.
  • Edit catalogue: you can upload, edit, or update your catalogue from this tab.
  • Order processing: this tab is for updating the status of orders after processing is done.
  • Upload history: the history of all the products that you ever listed on limeroad will appear here. 
  • Sales stats: the statistics and detailed reports of your sales performance can be found here.
  • My profile: the seller details can be found and edited from this tab at any time.
  • Contact us: limeroad seller support can be accessed through this tab.

Why Limeroad?

Now that you know the procedure of selling on Limeroad, you must be thinking why Limeroad? Well, we have compiled a list of few reasons to sell on Limeroad :

  1. Limeroad can provide your brand with exposure, if your brand is not out there yet, this is your opportunity to make your brand name well known among online buyers.
  2. Limeroad provides you with an instant customer base. The platform is quite famous and already has a large customer base, so you need not worry about marketing strategies. 
  3. Selling on Limeroad will increase your sales. The more consequently, you will generate more profit.
  4. The workflow on Limeroad is very smooth. When an order is placed, a notification is sent to the seller and the seller can update the stock details according to inventory so, the entire procedure is straightforward and easy.
  5. Their excellent seller support services also attract people to sell on Limeroad. The seller support services on Limeroad are available 24*7, even if you have the smallest of doubts or queries, you can instantly contact them.

How can NautOne help?

It can be a time consuming and demanding task to upload all your products on your storefront and keep a track of orders received. However, you need not worry about it when we are here to help you with that. 

NautOne has a team of experts, who can manage the sales for you while you focus on your products. Focusing on sales can take away the focus from the quality of products, but now with the help of our team, you can focus on your valuable products while we do the selling for you.

For any queries, you may mail us at or ping us on +91 8072696474

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