7 Reasons to use Facebook for your Business

Facebook, with over 2.8 Billion monthly active users, is the number 1 social media platform in the world. As a business, that means there are 2.8 billion potential customers on the platform. 

You wouldn’t want to miss the chance of getting those potential customers, would you? Of course not, no business would want to miss that opportunity.

But that’s not all, there are many more benefits of using Facebook for your business. Here we have compiled a few reasons for you to use Facebook for your business. 

1. Brand Awareness

Whatever kind of business you might have, you will need to spread the word about it to get customers and build a base for your business. What’s better than social media to spread awareness?

Creating a business page on Facebook will help you build an identity for your business and help reach out to your potential customers. 

1.66 billion people log in to Facebook every single day and if that’s not enough potential for your business, we don’t know what will be!

2. Targeted Ads

The Facebook algorithm prioritizes showing the content which is most relevant to the users and as a result of which only a very little percentage of your followers will see the content that you post. 

However, Facebook Ads are here to rescue you. Facebook Ads help you in reaching people who are interested in the products or services you provide. 

Facebook users are asked about their age, gender, location, interests and other information, Facebook analyzes this information along with the content they post, share and engage with to understand their interests and this information is kept in mind while showing ads, so that your content reaches the people who are interested. 

This ad strategy ensures that your money is utilized properly. 

Still, doubting the effectiveness of ads? The data shows that an average Facebook user clicks on 12 ads a month and there are 2.8 billion monthly users that mean over 33.6 billion clicks on ads per month. This data is proof that advertising on Facebook is effective after all.

3. Boost SEO and Engagement

Posting content that is helpful and relevant can boost your Search Engine Optimization(SEO) ranking. Search engines like Google analyze the type of content you post on your Facebook Page and how your followers interact with it.

Thus, by posting relevant content from your website, you can drive more traffic to your page, which is a sign that people want to connect with you and know more about your business, resulting in a high SEO ranking or in other words appearing higher up on Google’s results page.

Moreover, engaging content will help you in creating a rapport with your followers and increase the chance of your posts appearing in the feed more often. 

4. Monitor your Competitors 

Facebook allows you to get insights into the engagement your competitors are receiving. By scrolling down on the insights page, you can add the pages of your competitors. 

Facebook will show you the data like total page likes, new likes received in the last week, number of posts made in a week and engagement they got in a week. 

Though this might not sound much, it will show you which competitors are getting more engagement and then you can visit their page and try to apply their strategies to your page to boost your engagement. 

Also, if you do not know which pages to monitor, “watch page” is a great feature that will show you pages of competitors in your area/industry that you can add to your list to monitor.

5. Build Trust

Engaging with your customers, asking them to share their experience with your brand and answering any questions that they might have can go a long way in building trust and loyalty. 

If you post informative and valuable content, even if someone is not ready to buy something now, they may find your page valuable and follow you. 

Later, when they might want to buy anything, they will more likely turn to a company they already know and find knowledgeable instead of a completely new company. 

6. Analyze Metrics

Once you have started posting on your business page, you can analyze your performance. Facebook insights provide you with a detailed analysis of how your posts are doing and you may tweak your strategies accordingly. 

Facebook insights show all kinds of metrics such as how many people engaged with your content, the least and most popular post, at what time your audience engages the most, etc.  

These insights help create a strategy that works best for your business. 

7. Email List

Building a community outside of Facebook is a great strategy to grow your business. Businesses collect the emails of their fans from Facebook for building a community.

Many businesses hold giveaways, contests or newsletters for collecting emails of their Facebook followers.

Although this is a great technique you need to be careful about not spamming them with useless stuff. Sending useful mails once or twice a week is more than enough to keep them updated with your business. 

Who can help my business with getting started on Facebook?

Now that you know all the reasons for making a business account on Facebook, all of this might look overwhelming for beginners or maybe you might not have enough time to invest in handling a Facebook account.

Worry not! Our digital marketing team at Nautone are out here to help businesses reach heights through personalized, unique strategies. 

Avail of our services and watch your business grow. What are you waiting for? For more information on our digital marketing services either visit our website or mail us at hello@nautone.com.

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