Free Experts Tips To Help You Choose the Best Property

Real Estate has been attracting investments for a long time. Apart from investment opportunities in Real Estate, people buy plots to construct their dream home. 

A middle-class family pours in their life savings into that piece of land and home. When you put everything into it, it has to be perfect. But, where can you find the perfect property and how do you find it?

NautOne can do that for you but here are some expert tips to choose the best property for you. Some of these tips are common to both plots and apartments but some are specific to either one of them. 

1. Locality

This should be at the top of your checklist. The locality that you buy your property in, matters a lot in terms of value and comfortability. Every individual has their own set of preferences when it comes to a neighbourhood. Some prefer a quiet and posh neighbourhood, while others get excited about a buzzing locality. 

Apart from all these factors, the price of the property also matters a lot. Post the IT boom, property prices in certain localities have skyrocketed. 

2. Connectivity

Connectivity is the buzzword when it comes to the real estate industry. Yes, depending on the age group that the project is targeted towards, the importance of connectivity will vary. For instance, there are multiple old age homes in the form of gated communities in quiet suburbs. 

When it comes to an audience like them, everything they need like emergency medical attention, groceries and walking paths will be provided inside the gated community themselves so that being away from the city does not affect them at all. 

In the case of a young working crowd, they want to be closer to bus stops, railway stations, shopping malls, office spaces, etc…. This is a very important factor to consider before choosing a property for you. 

For a deep dive into the connectivity part of things, you can take a stroll through our article on Top 4 Real Estate Hotspots in Chennai and the Impact of Metro Rail.

3. Know the developer

Apart from knowing everything about the apartment or plot, it is equally important to know the developer who is selling it. The track record for the developer can unveil a lot of good and bad stuff about them. 

When it comes to apartments or villas or any constructed property, knowing the developer is more important than anything else. Their previous projects will give you an exact idea of how your property is going to turn out. 

4. Amenities

Amenities play a huge role when it comes to gated community apartments or plots. Children’s play area, gymnasium, walking and cycling track, clubhouse, swimming pool, power backup, round the clock security, CCTV coverage, etc.., are some of the amenities that the developer promises to the consumer. 

Apart from these some developers go the extra mile and provide game-specific amenities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, cricket pitches, etc…. 

Since the end consumer is paying for all these amenities with the apartment price, it is better to know about what every developer offers. That takes us to the next point.

5. Explore other options before arriving at a decision

There are multiple property developers out there. Every developer offers a different set of values to the users. As an end-user and property buyer, it is paramount to explore any available option out there.

6. Pollution

This has not been a factor in real estate purchases till now. The accelerated growth of industries, failure to implement strict pollution laws has contributed to the current situation. Factors such as land pollution, water pollution, Air quality index or AQI, groundwater quality and levels and the possibility of flooding all play a crucial role. 

Land pollution:

According to a report from, 75% of Earth’s land area is degraded due to various reasons. Land pollution happens due to multiple reasons such as deforestation, soil erosion, mining, bad agricultural practices, urbanization, industrialisation, non-biodegradable waste etc…..In metro cities such as Chennai, land pollution occurs due to a variety of reasons or one of the reasons mentioned above. If the plot you are buying is polluted it may result in long term implications such as groundwater pollution and may cause skin problems because of using the polluted water among other scary water-borne diseases. 

Water pollution: 


This chart clearly indicates that around 30% of the tested drinking water samples failed the quality benchmarks. Finding the right water source has been a challenge right from the beginning of the human race. Civilizations thrived when rivers were providing for their needs and cultures developed because of clean water. 

As a modern-day property buyer, it is paramount to conduct thorough research regarding the water pollution levels and water qualities in the neighbourhood in which you are planning to buy a property. 

AQI or Air Quality Index:

AQI is used to measure the quality of air in a specific region.  AQI is used by government agencies to inform the public how polluted the air currently is or how polluted it is forecast to become. The more the AQI, the higher the risk for the common man. 

Chennai’s air quality is classed as being “Moderate” according to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guidelines. Chennai’s annual average AQI is 117 and this is extremely fluctuating. During Diwali and other festival times this number goes off the charts. Just to give you a perspective, during Diwali 2020, Besant Nagar recorded an AQI of 62 while Triplicane recorded 107. 

AQI in industrial areas such as Ambattur will be high compared to residential areas on an ordinary day. Hence, it is wise to go through the data before moving on with the property purchase. 

Groundwater quality and availability: 


As this chart from Nov 2020 suggests, the groundwater level varies with every 5 km or so. To be honest, it varies with every 1000 square feet in some cases. Right from the availability of the water to the quality of it, everything should be checked before finalizing the property. 

Who can help me find the best property for free in Chennai?

NautOne can do all of the above for you and help you find the perfect property that you deserve. All these points may sound excessive or unnecessary for some people, but believe us, all of these factors affect the price tag of the property directly. 

It may sound tiring, but leave it to the experts at NautOne. We canvass every inch of your property and the documents to ensure that they are the perfect choice for you. 

Right from legal documents to compliance we keep an eye out for every little detail. 

Oh, and like the title says, we do all of that for freeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t waste your time with brokers that demand a hefty percentage of your hard-earned cash, just buzz us at +91 8072696474/ +91 8072946705 or drop your thoughts at

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