The Ultimate Pinterest Guide for Brands

Did you know that Pinterest 459 million monthly active users?

This is a huge platform that is waiting to be used perfectly for marketing. Whenever marketers talk about social media marketing they give absolute importance to Instagram and Facebook. In some case, YouTube and LinkedIn get a chance too. 

But, why no one is talking about it?

It is because a lot of them aren’t aware of the potential that this platform holds for brands! NautOne realizes this potential and has been tapping into it. We would love to share out knowledge about this amazing platform with you. 

This ultimate guide will address almost all the queries regarding Pinterest! 

1. Which brands can use Pinterest?

Almost any brand can use Pinterest but the strategy will vary depending on their offering. Services based brands will have to take a different approach than brands that are product based. 

For example, a fashion brand can display all its products on their Pinterest page. A model can showcase these brands effectively and resonate with their consumer. 

At the same time, a SaaS company may find it hard to utilize the full potential of Pinterest since their product all software. Yes, Pinterest has been effective for service-based companies too, but it can be hard to gain traction and maintain it like a product based company. 

2. How does Pinterest work?

Pinterest works solely based on keywords. The Pinterest post interface (as shown below) comes with a place to enter your title and the content and a place to upload an image file. 

Just like Instagram, no post can go live on Pinterest without an image. Since it is a visual-based platform, a good quality image or a picture becomes paramount. 

Whenever a user enters the keyword related to your product then that product pops up in their feed. 

3. Here are some tips and tricks for Pinterest SEO

Pinterest SEO is very similar to Google SEO. Your post needs to fulfil certain criteria if you are going to gain traction on Pinterest. 

  • Pinterest SEO starts from username: Your Pinterest username will become a part of your profile URL. Hence, it is a better idea to start Pinterest SEO optimization from your Pinterest profile URL. 
  • The about you section should be relevant and optimized: The about you section of the Pinterest profile is the perfect place to use keywords that are related to your brand. In some cases, this will also be accounted for the overall SEO in Pinterest. 
  • Get the boards right: The right classification of boards and the perfect names for them is paramount when it comes to Pinterest SEO. 
  • Post titles matter on Pinterest: The post title plays a huge role in suggesting that post to relevant users. Apart from the SEO advantages, a customer clicks on the post after reading a title hence it becomes important from that perspective too. 
  • Pinterest hashtags play a crucial role: Hashtags help Pinterest understand what your post is about and then it shows it to users who may find it relevant and useful. 

4. Pinterest is a visual search engine

Yes, you heard it right. Pinterest is not exactly a social media platform. It is a visual search engine that has a long shelf life compared to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc…. 

In these social media platforms, a post becomes irrelevant and old in a span of just a few hours. But, when it comes to Pinterest, your post has a longer shelf life than just a few hours. 

Since it is a visual search engine, the quality of your images matters a lot. If it is a graphic image, then the creativity, colour scheme, and the ability to convey the information, all matters. 

5. Your Pinterest posts can show up in Google search results too

This is a huge advantage for Pinterest posts. If your SEO is on point and the customer is searching for it, your product will eventually show up in Google search results. In a lot of cases, individual images show up in the images section of the search results. 

6. Pinterest allows clickable links

Yeeeeeessss! Clickable links!!!!! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Businesses struggle on Instagram without clickable links. Having a clickable link makes a huge difference for any brand, especially e-commerce brands. 

Clickable links mean that if a customer likes a product image on Pinterest, they can click on it and land on the product page in Amazon, Flipkart or even a brand’s own e-commerce site. 

This cuts down on the steps required by a customer to buy a product or avail of a service. 

Even though Pinterest has this much potential for brands, many brands fail to capitalize on this due to a lack of awareness or resources. We at NautOne help businesses reach their full potential through multiple marketing and sales strategies. 

Our digital marketing team helps businesses tap into platforms such as Pinterest that can help their sales tremendously. What are you waiting for?

You can reach out to us by calling us on +91 8072696474 or by mailing us at

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