What is Neuromarketing and How Brands Can Take Advantage of It?

Marketing is an ever-evolving art. As new technologies emerge and innovations flood the market, the marketing peeps like us will have to create or use new methods to get our job done. The next step of the evolution in marketing is Neuromarketing. 

Neuromarketing is an amalgamation of Neuroscience and Marketing to understand consumer behaviour in a more precise way. It is estimated that around 80% of the companies that rely on customer satisfaction will gain immense knowledge about their customers with this new technique. 

The findings from neuromarketing will help brands understand consumer behaviour and their buying decisions. The neuroscience techniques will analyse a huge sample size and determine the customer preferences by using various data points. 

The key to branding relies on the emotional connection with consumers

Just to give a perspective, around 86% of the companies believe that they deliver excellent customer experience while only 8% of the customers believe so. 

This is a very wide gap that companies are failing to address and that is where Neuromarketing can help. Getting an insight into how the customer perceives a certain product will give an edge for brands in a hugely competitive environment.

Where Neuromarketing can make a difference for a brand?

Neuromarketing can completely change the way you think the customer perceives your brand. Neuromarketing usually makes significant findings regarding when it comes to, 

1. Overall brandings such as logo and brand colours 

Some brands spend thousands of dollars on logo design and brand colours. Just to give you context, the logo of Accenture came with a hefty price tag of $100,000,000.

When it comes to Neuromarketing, a customer of your brand will be exposed to your brand logo and colours. They will be asked questions regarding what they think about it and their brain signals will be analyzed to obtain more data on how their conscious and the brain perceives it. 

2. Product design and packaging 

When it comes to buying decisions, the product’s design and packaging play a crucial role. The customer buys your product only by looking at the product packaging before even trying the product. Understanding what the customer feels when looking at it can be game-changing in terms of sales numbers. 

3. The product itself

In the case of fashion brands, food-related products Neuromarketing can help you understand how much your customers actually like your products. You can ask them to try on the clothes from your brand or even taste your products and then map their corresponding brain activity. 

4. Marketing and sales techniques 

Every time a consumer sees an advertisement or hears a sales pitch, there will be a positive or negative reaction in their brain. Neuromarketing helps brands understand those signals and optimise their sales and marketing strategies according to the consumer response. 

How Neuromarketing is used right now by brands?

Even though Neuromarketing is a relatively new technique, it is already used by multiple industries to hone user experience. A lot of websites use Neuromarketing techniques to analyze their site or in some cases mobile apps. 

Volunteers are hooked up with research-grade neuroscience equipment and they are asked to scroll through a website or application. The responses that their brain generates is recorded, while their facial expressions and eyeball movement are also recorded. 

This data is then compiled and a report is generated according to the participant behaviour. 

The response of their after scrolling through the website gives an overall idea about the website aesthetics. 

The eyeball movement points out the areas that the customer is interested in reading or watching and the areas that they are ignoring. 

Facial expressions can help understand whether they understand the website or whether they are interested in the product. 

Bigger giants like Netflix have already started using neuro trackers combined with other techniques to improve customer experience among others. 

The field of Neuromarketing combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence opens new and exciting horizons for the field of technology, sales and marketing altogether. 

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