How To Choose the Best Edtech Course for Your Child?

Edtech revolution is changing the entire landscape of the education sector. Though the technological revolution has touched every aspect of our lives since the last decade, education was pretty much untouched. 

At one point schools started incorporating technology in the form of interactive touch screens, smart class boards, projectors, etc…. Once the startup space started to grow companies identified a gap in the market and started tapping into space. 

Now if we fast forward it to 2021, there are two unicorn startups in India and many are on a path to be one. Cities such as Bangalore and Chennai are flooded with the offices of edtech startups coming up with different business models. 

With so many edtech startups cropping up all across the metro cities, how can parents and teachers decide on the best one for their child? 

It is a long and tedious process and we are here to help with our knowledge and expertise to help you get through this. 

Here are some tips that can help you choose the right edtech course and company for your child. 

  1. Know their story

Every company has to start somewhere. Most of the edtech companies out there can still be called startups because of their life span. Knowing their backstory help you get an insight into where they started and where they are now. 

Every startup has a different set of target audience and understanding their backstory and a bit of research into them will tell you if your child needs this edtech course or not. 


  1. Filter out the credible ones 

As we have already established previously, more and more edtech companies are cropping up with every passing day. But, everyone of them is different. 

The type of content, the quality of the content, consistency, content updates, software support, teacher credentials, etc…. are some of the important factors to consider while filtering out. 

  1. Compare prices

This is a very important step. Once you assess the quality, next comes the pricing and features. The big players come with a little more credibility and they have deep pockets that can offer discounts for you. 

While the early stage startups might not be able to offer steep discounts but they may offer fresh content consistently and improve the software experience regularly since they want to expand their customer base. 

  1. Value and recognition for the course or class

Yes, depending on the edtech company, the value proposition of the course or class will obviously change. To be simple, the bigger names have more recognition than the upcoming ones or the lesser-known companies. 

More value and recognition doesn’t necessarily mean that the course will be top-notch. It just means that the company and course are popular. 

If it is just the knowledge you are seeking for your child, then it is a good idea to go for content quality. But, if the certification is important for you, then it is a good idea to do your research on the value and recognition of that certificate. 

  1. Check online reviews and talk to other parents 

The best advice can only come from people who have been there and done that. It is better to check out Facebook groups, Google Reviews, Quora, etc… for testimonials regarding the specific edtech company or course. 

Though almost every company display testimonials on their website, they will mostly be filtered out and curated to show only positive reviews. 

Understandably, no edtech company would like to display the worst reviews on the website. That is why you should explore reviews from different sources and other social media platforms. 


  1. Ask the question to them

Just ask them, why should you buy the product from them instead of their competitors. They will put forth everything they have to offer and make a decision based on that. 

Though the company representatives will try to demolish their competition, they may offer some lesser know insights into both the companies. 

This is a very important decision that you are going to make on behalf of your child. A lot of the companies don’t update their content regularly and end up selling the same content with different names. Hence it is extremely important for you to do thorough research regarding the edtech companies. 

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