What Is Inbound Marketing and How Can It Increase Sales?

Inbound marketing is not a new concept. It has been here for ages, but the inbound marketing strategies have been evolving at a steady pace.

With the digital revolution changing the face of marketing, inbound marketing is heavily reliant on digital mediums. A lot of companies are not focussing on inbound marketing. 

We are here to help those companies! First, let us take a look at everything about inbound marketing. 

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a technique where customers come to you rather than you going to them. Simple as that. 

But, how is it possible to attract customers to you?

Inbound marketing provides content and adds value to the customer’s requirement whereas in outbound marketing customers are sometimes being fed with irrelevant information. 

In inbound marketing, you help the customers find your company whenever they want. The success of inbound marketing lies in the ease of finding you and the value you add to the customers who find you and spend time on your website. 

To give a cool picture, imagine outbound marketing as a hook that you throw out on random leads and try to pull them towards your brand. 

Inbound marketing is like a magnet that will attract potential and interested customers towards you without anyone trying to pull them in. 

Well, you may ask, ”What magnet will attract these customers?”

Here are some tips for success in inbound marketing:

There are certain key elements that fuel the growth of inbound marketing. Or in our own words, these are the powerful magnets you will need. 

  1. Website Content is a key to inbound marketing 

Your website is your treasure trove when it comes to SEO and inbound marketing. If the website content is pleasing and SEO friendly you can be pretty sure that you will have leads flowing in via your website. 

When we say SEO and pleasing content, it includes both the words themselves and the overall theme of the website. Website loading times, attractive images, perfectly search engine optimised URL are all contributing factors towards website ranking. 

If your website shows up at the top, it is easier for your customers to find them! 

  1. SEO blogs make your website informative

A lot of brands overlook this crucial part of inbound marketing. Blogs provide tons of useful information to your client and also contribute to your SEO and brand value at the same time. 

If your website contains informative and well-written content related to your product or business, customers are more likely to enter your website via your blog section. 

Say, you are selling sherwanis. If your website’s blog section has informative content on how to purchase a sherwani or how to maintain a sherwani or the different sherwani designs etc…. Then you will have customers flocking to your website via these blogs that contain a wealth of information that they are already searching for. 

Not only that, informative and content-rich blogs establish trust in your brand. Once that is done, you can sell your product or service at the end of the blog after adding value to the customers. 

That is inbound marketing 101. 

  1. Social media marketing with a generous dose of information

Your social media handles such as Instagram can be the magnet too. You can provide a wealth of information via your social handles and get people interested in your brand! 

Being active on social media and sticking to a theme and providing information can be a great inbound marketing strategy. 

How can you use inbound marketing to increases sales?

  1. Have the right lead capturing mechanism

You have provided the information and knowledge that the customer was looking for and the customer is impressed with it. 

What next?

You need to capture that lead and ensure that the customer can buy from you or avail of your service. 

Have a form that your customers can fill or a mail id or a phone number that they can use to get in touch with you avail your service! 

  1. Analyse and improve constantly 

Not every piece of content will attract customers. Keep analysing, correct your course wherever necessary. Especially, when it comes to blogs, you need to be improvising constantly and use smart keywords to attract the right audience that is looking for a brand like you.

All that said and done, let us give a small example now. 

Now that we have given all the information and tips that you need about inbound marketing we are going to talk about NautOne a bit. 

NautOne is based on a simple quote. 

“Do What You Are Best, Leave The Rest To Us”

We are currently active across three sales verticals and the marketing horizontal. 

NautOne’s E-commerce vertical helps businesses catapult their sales to the top of Everest. 

NautOne’s Ed-tech vertical helps businesses concentrate more on their product while we increase their sales numbers by many folds. 

The other important arm of NautOne is Real Estate, where we act as a critical channel partner and a bridge between both the buyers and sellers. Oh and one more thing! Property buyers need not pay even a single penny for Nautone’s real estate services

NautOne’s blog section is frequently updated with relevant blogs that can help your business grow by multiple folds. Stay updated with all the blogs that can catapult your sales and business or you can get in touch with us at +91 8072696474 or by mailing us at hello@nautone.com.

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