Everything an Amazon Seller Needs to Know

The moment anyone thinks of e-commerce, Amazon is the first company that comes to their mind. Such is the reach and penetration of this mammoth. 

Right from the modes of fulfilment to programs that help sellers protect their intellectual property rights, there are multiple Amazon programs that make a seller’s business experience seamless. 

We have answered all the possible questions that a seller might have regarding selling on Amazon. 

  1. What is Amazon A+ content?

The Amazon A+ content was previously known as EBC(Enhanced Brand Content). If you are an original manufacturer of a product you are eligible to add Amazon A+ content to a parent or child ASIN. 

  • A+ content creates an enhanced digital shopping experience.
  • Customers can be provided with a lot more information in a more presentable way. 
  • Videos up to 3 minutes can be included in A+ content thereby providing more valuable information and establishing a connection with the customer. 
  • There a range of customisation options when it comes to A+ layouts thereby catering to the needs of a majority of the brands. 

Credits: Amazon.in

  1. What is FBA?

FBA is the abbreviation for Fulfilment By Amazon. Once you pay a certain fee for this service Amazon will take care of almost everything for you. Here are the things that you will gain if you opt for FBA

  • Amazon offers 24/7 customer service for FBA sellers 
  • Picking, packing and shipping costs are all included 
  • No need for sellers to have huge warehouses to store their products 
  • The entire return process is also handled by Amazon for FBA sellers 
  • Since Amazon’s fulfilment centres are spread across geographies the customer receives the product as quickly as possible 
  • You can sell on multiple platforms and have Amazon fulfil that order for you too 

Credits: Amazon.in

  1. What is a buy box in Amazon and what is the eligibility to get a buy box?

The buy box is the box on the product detail page where the customers can click on it buy your product. Simple as that. But, not all sellers can have it. Here is what you need to get the buy box

  • Only new products can have buy products 
  • The seller should have a professional account and opt for FBA 
  • The inventory should be sufficient enough to fulfil huge orders 
  • Seller rating plays a huge role in getting the buy box 
  • Delivery speeds are also taken into account 
  • Product pricing has to be competitive to win the buy box in Amazon
  1. What is Fulfilment by Merchant in Amazon?

Fulfilment by Merchant is entirely opposite to FBA, where the merchant uses Amazon’s resources to fulfil the order. In fulfilment by the merchant, the merchant uses their resources to take care of shipping and even returns. 

This is better suited for merchants who sell in huge volume and have a robust logistics chain in place already. 

  1. What is Amazon Easy Ship?

Amazon Easy Ship is a boon for sellers who have a wide range of products and a warehouse of their own. In Amazon Easy Ship

  • Amazon takes care of the shipping for you 
  • The Amazon delivery executives pick the product from your place and deliver it to the customer 
  • Customers can track the orders that are sent using Amazon Easy Ship 
  1. What is Amazon Prime and how can you take advantage of it?

Amazon Prime is a monthly or annual subscription plan that offers multiple benefits to the consumer. Sellers who are on Amazon can also use Amazon Prime to their advantage. Here are some advantages to the sellers, 

  • Sellers can attract more customers because of one day or two-day delivery that comes along with it 
  • Being a prime seller increases the visibility of your product 
  • Amazon Prime customers get early access during sales and in the same way, Amazon Prime sellers also get early access to sell during the special sales period. 
  • Amazon Prime sellers are also a part of the FBA program  to make the entire process seamless 

Credits: Amazon.in

  1. What is ASIN? 

ASIN is the abbreviation for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is a unique combination of 10 letter or numbers. When it comes to books, their ASIN is exactly the same as their ISBN number. 

These numbers help sellers identify their products easily in the catalogue and helps in internal sorting too. 

You can create multiple parent and child ASINs for similar products or the same set of products with very small variations like colour, etc… 

Credits: https://amazon-affiliate.eu/

  1. How does Amazon Search Algorithm work?

Amazon’s search algorithm works similar to Google searching for relevant keywords. Here are some of the key pointers that Amazon’s algorithm is based on. 

  • Keywords: Looking to match product keywords with the keywords that customers search for. 
  • Sales conversions: Number of sales that convert for that product.
  • Competitive pricing: A product price that is fair and competitive. 
  • History: The past performance of that specific product and the seller is also taken into account. 
  • Relevant Keywords: Irrelevant keywords on the product page will have a negative impact. 
  1. What is Amazon Best Seller Ranking and how can you improve it?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank or BSR is a rank given to Amazon products based on the product’s orders compared to other products in the same category within a given amount of time. The Amazon BSR of a product can be found in the product description section.

Here is what you can do to improve BSR:

  • Nail the product title 
  • Have amazing product photographs 
  • Enrol yourself as a Prime seller 
  • Have a fair and competitive price 
  • Optimize the product description to suit your product better 
  • Concentrate on getting positive customer reviews
  1.  All you need to know about Amazon Brand Registry. 
  • Amazon Brand Registry is a program that identifies the rightful brand owners to Amazon. 
  • The Amazon Brand Registry program has a dedicated team that is responsible for protecting the intellectual property and product content on Amazon. 
  • This arm was created after several lawsuits against Amazon over counterfeit products and intellectual property violations by other sellers. 
  • Apart from identifying the violators, Amazon also uses this program to give access to A+ content for the brand owners.

Credits: https://brandservices.amazon.com/ 

  1. What are Amazon Lightning Deals?
  • A Lightning Deal is a promotion in which a limited number of discounts are offered on an item for a short period.
  • They increase your sales by multiple folds. 
  • They are a great way to clear excess inventory in a short period of time. 
  • Sellers need to fulfil certain criteria such as a minimum of 3-star rating, positive seller history, a product in new condition, prime eligible product, etc… 
  1.  How does the Amazon PPC work?
  • Amazon’s pay-per-click program is a renowned platform that helps sellers amplify sales. 
  • This is a system where the seller only pays if the buyer clicks on the ad and views the product 
  • It is recommended to start PPC campaigns right after you list a new product and have got maybe 5 to 6 reviews from people who have brought the product already. 
  • There are three Amazon PPC ad types- sponsored brands, sponsored display and sponsored products.
  1. What are sponsored product ads, product display ads and headline search ads?
  • Sponsored Product ads allow the business to advertise their products depending on the keywords. The advertisement will appear below organic search results, on the right side of the product page, or on the right side of the search results. They are highly effective and successful compared to the other two.
  • Sponsored Display ads are shown on the product page in the similar products section. This type of advertisement lets advertisers choose the type of products, target audience and even objectives. 
  • Sponsored Brands are also called banner ads and they appear on the top of the search results with the brand logo. They are only available for certain product categories. 
  1. What is Amazon ACOS and how to reduce it? 

ACOS refers to the advertising cost of sale and Amazon ACOS is the Amazon advertising cost of sale. It’s calculated by dividing the money you spend on clicks from Amazon ads, by the number of sales those clicks brought in.

Amazon ACOS can be reduced by doing the following: 

  • Put forth your best SKUs therefore the advertising money is spent only on the most popular product. 
  • Optimise the keywords to fit your products perfectly 
  • Perform analysis from time to time and start pushing out the low performing keywords and focus on the high performing ones 
  1. How does Amazon’s Affiliate Program work?
  • Amazon’s Affiliate Program can also be called Amazon Associates. 
  • It can be a revenue stream for bloggers, website owners or even YouTubers. 
  • These Associates can create a custom URL for a product and add it to their blogs, websites or even in a YouTube channel description. 
  • If someone clicks on it and buys the product through that link, the Associate will get paid a referral fee. 
  • Though the fee will not be huge, they can accumulate over time and become a steady income stream. 

Credits: https://amazon-affiliate.eu/en/social-networks-affiliate-marketing/ 

  1. What is FNSKU?
  • FNSKU refers to Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit
  • It is printed on every product label in an Amazon Fulfillment Center
  • This allows Amazon to track the product that is coming or leaving the fulfilment centre precisely. 
  • If a product’s ASIN and FNSKU match, it is an indication to Amazon that the items are stickerless and commingled inventory. 

All these things can be overwhelming. It is hard for sellers to manage their account all by themselves and generate sales. That is where we come in. We would love to help you increase your sales by multiple folds. 

You can check out all the e-commerce services we offer and be a part of our successful seller community by calling us on 8072696474 or by mailing us at hello@nautone.com.

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