A Go-To Guide for Anyone Receiving The COVID-19 Vaccines

Why Do You Need To Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

The answer is simple. It is a borderline social responsibility. As of writing this article the worldwide COVID-19 toll is estimated to be 3.24 million. 

We all know the origins of this virus and the early stages. We have stood strong and held our ground even though we have lost a lot of our fellow soldiers to this invisible enemy. 

After tons and tons of effort and sleepless nights, the scientific community has presented us with vaccines that can cushion the impacts of this virus on our body. 

Let us take a stroll through this article to find out everything about all the COVID-19 vaccines. 

What is the difference between Covaxin and Covishield?

How do the COVID-19 vaccines work?


It contains inactivated viruses, which can never affect a person but helps our body to create a defence mechanism against the actual virus. 


It is a chimpanzee adenovirus – ChAdOx1 – that has been modified to enable it to carry the COVID-19 spike protein into the cells of humans. This can teach the I immune system how to defend against COvID-19. 

How much do the COVID-19 vaccines cost?


It is sold at Rs 600 per dose for the state government and 1200 per dose for private hospitals. 


It is sold at Rs 400 per dose for the state government and 600 per dose for private hospitals. 

Certain states have announced free vaccines, so the prices may vary according to your location. 

Which one is better, COVAXIN or COVISHIELD?

Technically there is not much difference between the two vaccines. While the Covaxin developed by Bharat Bio-Tech is still in the last stage of the study, Covishield by Oxford-AstraZeneca has successfully completed three stages of trials. 

Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe?

The government and health organisations have constantly assured the citizens and public that the vaccines are safe. Even though they are said to be safe, there are certain precautions that you can take. 

  • You can consult with your general physician or a specialist depending on your medical history before taking the COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • Have a couple of days as buffer time after taking the vaccine. This will allow your body to come back to normal after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • Be ready to face any sort of body pain or a slight rise in temperature after you are administered the COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • Keep a close watch on your vital signs for at least 72 hours after getting injected with the COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • If there are any abnormalities apart from the informed symptoms, please get in touch with a doctor immediately. 

The task of bailing out the world from this lethal virus and help save our fellow humans. Be a superhero and get vaccinated when your turn comes up! 

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